Terron Armstead gives us a glimpse of his life since the COVID-19 pandemic struck

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NEW ORLEANS – “Training camp has definitely been different. Not having the fans- especially the Who Dat Nation,” Saints Offensive Tackle, Terron Armstead shared. “They always come out and have high energy- they’re not afraid to give you their opinion.”

They also support their team through and through. However, the physical absence of fans isn’t the only thing Armstead says has changed this year. Many players – including himself – had to switch up their training-style and location.

“I was in Texas, pretty much the whole time, especially during the quarantine and I was fortunate enough- a friend of mine had his gym set up so I was able to go in and still get my strength training,” Armstead explained. “And then once I started, [I had my] my cardio session and boxing and all that stuff. We’re professionals and it just comes with the territory.”

A specific skill Armstead says he focused on leading up to the 2020 season? Becoming more of a striker with his outside hand. When he’s not perfecting drills, he’s with his three children who he says, he plays for.

“The last name that’s on the back of your jersey- that’s what you represent every time you go out so everything that I do from plays to performances on and off the field- my kids are a direct representation of that,” said Terron. 

Even through the midst of uncertainty, the ultimate goal for Terron and his teammates haven’t changed a bit. “Try to bring home a second championship to the city. First, for so many on the team and that’s it. That’s the only thing- that’s the only goal,” Armstead shared. 


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