Residents spend Memorial Day honoring fallen veterans


NEW ORLEANS – It was a somber day at the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Cemetery. Flags waived half-staff and many stood with their American heroes for a moment of silence for one reason. 

“To honor my fallen comrades that give their life for the service of this country” Veteran, Joseph Grant Sr. told WGNO this morning.

Grant Sr. traveled about an hour to plant a flag in front of his friend’s tombstone who served in the military – Theodore Kennedy Sr., a loving father and family man.

“It’s a great thing to think about someone to go over there and don’t matter to [risk] losing their life just to keep the country, you know, free.”

Many visited more than one veteran at this site. Mrs. Gleason saw two of her friends and what she calls, her “other half” who died five years ago. She uses this day to remember him.

He was a positive person and I always looked up to him” said Lynda Gleason.

Lynda’s husband served in the Vietnam War and he also dedicated a piece of his life to serving in the U.S. NAVY branch which is why he was one of her biggest heroes.

“He did risk his life while he was serving in Vietnam. Watching out for the country and defending us.”

Which is why she along with the rest of the country is so grateful. “Our veterans have given up their lives. Not only in serving but everyday life. It’s in their hearts to take care of us and watch over us.”


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