New Orleans residents react to second-round stimulus check


NEW ORLEANS – A second stimulus check aided many Americans – including most New Orleanians. A local business says they’re hopeful this will help boost their business.  

“It was very good to see the government come through and give us a little extra help this year because it has been tough for everybody,” New Orleans resident, Melanique LaBeaud told WGNO on Sunday morning. 

The Federal Government began the distribution process on Tuesday night – deposit payments are expected to continue into next week. LeBeaud says she doesn’t plan on spending a dime.  
“I did have some car trouble last year so I did use a little bit of my savings to fix my car,” LeBeaud explained. “Right now I’m just replenishing my savings so I’ll probably just keep it there.”

Elle Boutique, a popular business on Magazine Street has been open for nearly ten years. But because of this pandemic, sales have been a tad slower. Fortunately, Elle Boutique sales associate, Abby Rives believes the second round of stimulus checks will positively impact business. 

“You know, every penny counts and that’s just like an extra boost to your account. Everyone’s a little frugal right now especially after the holidays everyone might not have extra spending money and I think this will help,” said Rives. 


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