New Orleans city leaders prepare ahead of Hurricane Delta


NEW ORLEANS – The City of New Orleans says they’re geared up for Hurricane Delta. But hurricane preparedness is also about the community thinking ahead. 

This is the sixth time Louisiana has been in the cone of uncertainty since the storm season began and it looks like Delta has a chance to be the most impactful Hurricane in this area. That’s why Mayor Cantrell and the Director of Homeland Security Collin Arnold are encouraging residents now, to stock up on groceries, PPE, and most importantly, getting a game plan in place.

“At this point, the main threats from Delta in the New Orleans area are forecast to be tropical-storm-force winds that could cause down trees and power outages,” Arnold said. “Heavy rain that could cause street flooding and dangerous storm surge outside of the levee system.”

Some residents say they’re getting used to the eerie feeling a storm brings. However, Cantrell urges the community to refrain from letting their guards down.

“Each storm is different and the impacts could be different as well and we have to take them seriously every single time,” Cantrell explained. “The threat to life – I don’t think it gets any more serious than that.”

There are no mandatory evacuations set in place yet. However, Mayor Cantrell says that could change by Wednesday morning. 


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