Mayor Cantrell to sign CEA agreement between the City and Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans


NEW ORLEANS – Thanks to a new agreement, millions of dollars are now designated to New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board projects along with infrastructure work.

Flooded streets, clogged drains, and backed up catch basins could be less of a problem in the coming months. That’s because, on Tuesday, Mayor Cantrell signed a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement, also called a CEA between the city and the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans. 

“It’s really about using this money as a shot in the arm to really get to those most basic needs that are chronically underfunded and start making sure that work gets done,” Council Member for District A, Joe Giarrusso told WGNO.

 Giarrusso says, the CEA will have a regular funding of between 22 and 26 million dollars in tax money and that will go directly to infrastructure and more.

“Cleaning catch basins,” said Giarrusso. “It would be about cleaning linear pipes. It would be about cleaning canals.”

WGNO was also told, it was important for this CEA to be secured to help relieve residents, especially during hurricane season.  

“The city should spend [the money] in such a smart way that people go ‘Oh! I lost my car on this street and that hasn’t happened in years,’” Giarrusso shared.

Ultimately, the hope is to see immediate improvement to ensure that New Orleanians stay safe.

“Their homes are protected. Their cars are protected and [they can start] to be able to see how that money is working for them,” Giarrusso explained.

Councilman Giarrusso also tells us, the CEA funding will be split – 75% to the Sewerage and Water Board – 25% to the Department of Public Works. This CEA will last until at least 2025. 


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