Jefferson Parish Council and President to discuss voting and COVID-19 updates


JEFFERSON PARISH – Voting in Jefferson Parish was pushed back to next weekend because of the pandemic. Jefferson Parish Council and the Parish President say a few things will be different. They also addressed COVID-19 numbers.

Election day for Jefferson Parish voters is Saturday, August 15th, 2020. This makes some residents worry about voting in the heat and humidity so the Jefferson Parish Council has made some changes for next weekend to ensure the health and safety of their citizens. 

The Secretary of State has ordered that no polling place that exists inside of an assisted living center for seniors have votes during this election in order to protect the seniors from possibly being affected or exposed to the virus,” Councilman of District 2, Deano Bonano explained. “In addition, the Clerk of Court requested us to move any polling location that doesn’t have air conditioning to a place that does.”

Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng also gave an update on COVID-19 cases. She says, while numbers are still high, there is a sign of hope.

The percent positive for testing is for the week ending July 29th is at 10.3%. The week before, we were at 11.2%,” said Sheng.

 Sheng credits much of this progress to many local businesses that she says have been honoring the phase 2 orders.

“It has been everything. You know? Because if we did not have the businesses quickly comply, our crucial time would be directed toward emails to our council members- emails to my office,” Sheng stated. “If we have to chase businesses throughout.”

Ultimately, Sheng and the Jefferson Parish Council hope the decrease in COVID-19 cases will continue, even with many people going to the polls.



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