NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — As if the music wasn’t enough to convince you to buy a ticket to Jazz Fest – the food is a crowd favorite as well!

When the gates to the festival opened up it was game on for food lovers.

“Usually it’s my first stop at the Jazz Fest,” said festival-goer Robert Young.
Lines formed instantly to get some grub.

One staple of the festival was crowded within five minutes.”Best crawfish bread in town,” said Patrick Jackson and Patrick Williams.

It’s a dream bite for guests and a dream event for John Ed Laborde. “When we walked into the booth this morning and you know all the ovens I got the chills,” said Laborde.

He is the owner of the iconic Crawfish Bread Booth. He even came up with the recipe.

Across the way, another iconic taste made its 45th appearance at Jazz Fest – the softshell crab po-boy.

“We never raised the price – they’re the same price as 2019,” said Vicky Patania. She’s the Vice President of Galley Seafood which sells the po-boy.

Performers got to eat too!” We are eating chicken and I’m waiting on my red beans,” said Londyn with the Kid Smart performance group.

Festival goers made their rounds – the tastes filling them with nostalgia.”It makes me feel happy to be at Jazz Fest – it’s a memory,” said Jenna Wittig.”It’s kind of like that Christmas feeling on Christmas morning when you’re a little boy or little girl and you’re getting excited – this is it this is what’s happening right here,” said Laborde.

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