NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- Anyone, anywhere who loves New Orleans can be a part of this!
GiveNOLA Day is so easy to participate in. Pull out your cell phone and a credit card or debit card and you can make a donation if you feel called to do so.

The donations are pouring in. At 11:32 A.M. the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s tracker was at $2.6 million and growing. Click here to see the last amount raised. There is still time to give a little “lagniappe” funding if you are in the giving spirit today.

GiveNOLA day started at midnight and will go until 11:59:59 P.M. tonight. All event-related donations must be made online during the 24-hour period or during our scheduled giving period.

So what is GiveNOLA Day and why should you consider giving?

GiveNOLA Day, an initiative of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, is a one-day online giving event. For 24 hours, everyone who loves our region can support their favorite local causes by donating to one or more of 900+ participating nonprofit organizations.

To make a donation, visit GIVENOLA.ORG and you will see a blue button that says “GIVE NOW.” After clicking that button, you can search for a nonprofit by name, category, or parish.
Participating nonprofits will have a donation page where you can enter the amount you want to donate.

The minimum donation is $10 but, there’s no limit to the maximum size or number of donations you would like to make.
You may give to as many different nonprofits as you like.

GiveNOLA Day 2021 raised $8.1 million from over 67,000 donations across the nation and around the world. From when the event was established in 2014 til now, $40 million has been raised for our region’s nonprofits.

One nonprofit on the GiveNOLA list that’s truly striving to make a difference by working with young boys without fathers is Son of a Saint.

The founder, Sonny Lee reminded us there are three ways to give back; treasure, talent, and time. GiveNOLA day is about giving some of your treasures to help keep their missions going.

“The boys join at around 10 years old, and they are around to adulthood. Our results are, that we have zero boys in the judicial system,” Sonny Lee said proudly. “Our boys are performing better than a lot of kids across the country, even an ACT scores. Plus, we have a 100% high school graduation rate.”

When we asked why community members should donate today, he explained that this is the extra money that they can use to keep growing their mission, help more boys, and pay their workers.

“For us, we have 200 boys in the program, so if anybody is raising kids they know that there’s a lot of need from food clothing I mean you name a transportation,” said Lee.

Another cool aspect of GiveNOLA Day, some community partners are putting incentives out there to raise and give.

If Son of a Saint reaches their goal of raising $50,000 then, the Physicians Group Laboratories is going to do a donor match of another $50,000.

Many of the other organizations have giveaways, donor matches, or raffles if you help donate.