Hard Rock Hotel demolition continues; remains removal set for July 20th


NEW ORLEANS – The Hard Rock Hotel demolition continued this weekend. 

“We finished taking down the tower crane that was partially hanging over Canal Street and we’ve got the structure down and on the ground,” Attorney for 1031 Canal Development LLC, Stephen Dwyer told WGNO on Sunday morning. 

The dismantling of the second and final tower crane lasted a few days and concluded on Saturday, July 12th, 2020. The first tower crane was removed on October 20th, 2019.

Dwyer also tells us, the removal of the second crane was successful and is considered a gateway accomplishment that allows the demolition to move forward and on schedule.

“This week, we are removing construction materials from the rooftop. Then, a company that is working in connection with the Civil District Court with the various pieces of litigation will come in and supervise an evidence collection,” Dwyer shared. “Then, we are going to remove the loose hanging debris on the Iberville side of the building along with whatever materials might be left of the seventh and eighth floors.”

Dwyer also confirmed, the remains recovery process will begin on Monday, July 20th and there will be two overriding principles guiding this effort. 

“An extreme amount of safety and an extreme amount of respect for the remains that are there,” said Dwyer. “We will move forward as quickly as we can but as carefully as we can and we are anticipating that sometime between mid-next week and end of the week, the remains will have been recovered,”

As the Hard Rock Hotel gets closer to being torn down, Dywer tells us, he and his team are as understanding as they can be for the families who’ve lost loves because of the collapse that happened nine months ago.  

“That’s why it is our dedicated intention to be as respectful as possible and carefully removing these remains and returning them to the families,” Dwyer explained.

According to Dwyer, the Hard Rock Hotel demolition is on track to be completed by the end of September – beginning of October. 

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