Former NOPD superintendent discusses lowered crime rate in the 1990s


NEW ORLEANS – Rising crime was the focus of Monday’s City Council meeting where the NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson and City Councilman Jay H. Banks specifically addressed the spike in juvenile crime. A retired New Orleans superintendent – who served the city for 38 years – recalls what his team did to decrease violence. 

“We had the Police Athletic League where we had almost 1,000 kids involved in that,” former NOPD Superintendent Eddie Compass shared. “So when you have 1,000 kids involved in positive behavior, you don’t have that crime problem to worry about – them breaking into cars and various activities.”

Compass says these tactics helped decrease the crime rate drastically and the murder rate in New Orleans by 74% between 1994 to 1995. He was so hands-on with the children in the community, he adopted one.

“A kid that I met in the streets. His father was in prison when he was one. He was lost. I brought him home and one thing led to the next and his mother made me his legal guardian and I took him in and he became my son,” said Compass. “That’s the type of commitment you have to have. If our community partners with our police department and comes up with solutions that are liable to solve all of the social ills as well as the criminal ills.”


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