Blue Oak BBQ, Hogs for the Cause and other restaurants to present Faux Fest!

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 NEW ORLEANS – A  local restaurant turned a vacant warehouse on Gravier Street into a functioning drive-thru to keep the Jazz Fest spirit alive! 

Jazz Fest is normally crowded – full of people dancing and music blasting! However, since this pandemic, what was supposed to be the 51st festival, has been cancelled. 

“We wanted to find any way to try to get to their food or the music or anything!” Blue Oak BBQ Co-Owner, Philip Moseley shared with WGNO. 

So a handful of restaurants along with Hogs for the Cause teamed up to create Faux Fest, a drive-thru event where Jazz Fest themed food is served for free! 

“We just- we live for that food. You can only get it once a year so, you know, you wait all year just to get a bite.”

Many of the meals come with an entrée, bread, veggies and a cold drink. Residents say, this small sprinkle of Jazz Fest spirit makes all of the difference in the world!

“It’s something to look forward to and it’s something that helps us out like, just in regular human form” New Orleans Bartender, Nasthia Villaicencio told us this afternoon. 

Another thing that helps is music! Which is why the Mojo Trio got in on the action. The band played their favorite originals and Mardi Gras! They preformed (standing six feet away from each other) live as people passed through the warehouse.

“With the music playing, it almost feels like a tiny parade!” said Villaicencio.

“It reminds people. We still live in New Orleans, it’s Jazz Fest time, the musicians are still here” Mojo Trio Drummer, Marc Joseph explained. 

“We just hope, you know, people can come through here, forget about what’s going on at home” said Moseley. “Forget about their situation and just get something good to eat. See some other people smiling and just get a little fire under them.”

Faux Fest will continue tomorrow through Sunday then will resume between April 30th and May 3rd. 

The event starts at noon and lasts until supplies run out. 


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