A special legislative session began on Monday – could address up to 70 items


NEW ORLEANS – A special legislative session began on Monday evening – the second one this year which some deem unusual as compared to years in the past. 70 items are included on the agenda including the state budget and business tax rates.

Dr. Silas Lee, a political analyst, believes the main reason for this session is to address one thing. “Trying to curve the governor’s powers especially in relation to the pandemic,” Lee said. “In reference to opening the economy and trying to- in many ways- restore the sense of normalcy if there’s such a thing.”

Political analyst Jeff Crouere agrees the special legislative session will address issues concerning the governor. However, he thinks there will be two other topics that will be at the forefront.

“Taking care of the victims of Hurricane Laura who have just received tremendous damage and need a lot of help,”  Crouere said. “Secondly, the unemployment trust fund is down from a billion dollars plus to $49 million so that needs to be replenished.”

We’re told, there’s been a 5000% increase in unemployment – a glaring concern. While the special legislative session can last until October 27, 2020, both Lee and  Crouere believes it could wrap up sooner but the outcome is unknown.
“We have to see what evolves from the process, certainly. So, what they say and what will happen- those can be two different elements that we might be surprised by,” Lee explained. 

Some Republicans say Governor John Bel Edwards has damaged Louisiana businesses amid state closures. Edwards says he’s trying to balance the public health and economic needs of Louisianians.


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