A clinical research company in New Orleans to hold vaccine testing for COVID-19


NEW ORLEANS – Benchmark Research, a national clinical research company, is holding trial studies here in New Orleans for testing a possible vaccine for COVID-19. Louisiana is one of the several states selected for the two-year study.

“Two years is the usual for a vaccine to hit the market,” Principal Investigator in Clinical Research, Dr. George Bauer told WGNO. “If the FDA wishes to release the vaccine a little earlier- if all of the trials are going well and the safety factor is clear- they could release it earlier.”

So, how can you be a part of the study? Benchmark Research is looking for at least 150 volunteers in New Orleans between ages 18 and 98 who have not had COVID-19. The vaccine trial will consist of two shots spaced 30 days apart. According to Bauer, volunteers won’t have to quarantine before or after the vaccination. 

“Each patient is screened with inclusion/exclusion criteria so that we can make sure that they’re a good fit for the study and they’re not in any real danger,” Bauer explained. 

There are three phases before the vaccination can be released to the public. Phase one looks for safety data. Phase two determines the optimal dosing. These trials are phase three.

“It’s all overseen by review boards and the FDA,” said Bauer. “We’re hopeful that we’re gonna get it out in time for next year and that it will have lasting immunity.”

Dr. Bauer also says those chosen for the trials will be compensated for their time and travel. 

To be considered for the COVID-19 vaccine trial, call the Benchmark Research call center at (888) 902-9605.


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