3,000 Saints fans welcomed back to the Superdome; celebrate win over the Carolina Panthers


NEW ORLEANS – The Saints pulled off a close win against the Carolina Panthers this afternoon in front of a select number of fans who are elated to be in the dome!

“We’re so excited to be back in the Superdome! Having fans back and cheering for Who Dat Nation! We have our masks on but we’re gonna be as loud as we can be and just cheer as much as we can,” Katrina Janet, a Saints fan shared.

After nine months, Saints fans were finally welcome back inside of the Superdome. Only 3,000 seats could be filled but many say this was better than nothing. 

“It’s one thing just to watch it from the couch but it’s another thing to be out here even if it is reduced capacity,” said another Saints fan, Patrick Thomas.

Reduced is an understatement. The Superdome was only at 4% capacity. However, there are reasons to be optimistic. “Just start small and make this step,” said Mike Hoss, Media Relations for ASM Global. “Everybody abides by the guidelines and it’s a safe day for everybody and the experience is good, you can grow on it!”

As long as CDC guidelines are followed and positive COVID-19 cases stay on a downward trend, Mayor Cantrell says there will be at least 6,000 fans by the next home game against the San Francisco 49ers.

“Let’s play by the rules and wear our masks – that’s what we want, right?! We want to be in the dome,” said Janet.

The Saints are set to take on the Bears next Sunday in Chicago.


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