In 2018, Porsche built a replica of its first 356 sports car to mark the 70th anniversary of its registration. For this year’s 75th anniversary, Porsche has once again looked back at the 356, this time imagining what the sprightly sports car might look like if launched today. The result is the Porsche Vision 357 concept unveiled on Wednesday.

Porsche Vision 357 conceptPorsche Vision 357 conceptPorsche Vision 357 conceptPorsche Vision 357 concept

Naturally, there are multiple nods to the 356 in the concept’s design. These include the grille pattern at the rear, the design of the headlights, and the carbon-fiber hubcaps with center locks that recall the wheels with unusually large bolt circles that were fitted to the 356 A and 356 B.

The concept is based on the platform of the 718 Cayman GT4 RS, meaning it is powered by a mid-mounted 4.0-liter flat-6 delivering a maximum 493 hp. An “eFuel” logo signifies the concept has been designed to run on Porsche’s carbon-neutral synthetic fuel that recently began production at a pilot plant in Chile.

As a further nod to sustainability, the concept also features natural-fiber-reinforced plastic made from flax fibers.

Porsche Vision 357 conceptPorsche Vision 357 concept

While the Vision 357 is unlikely to enter production, Porsche design chief Michael Mauer hinted that elements of the car could preview future design themes for Porsche.

“The concept car is an attempt to combine the past, present and future with coherency, featuring proportions that are reminiscent of its historical archetype and details that visualize the outlook for the future,” he said in a statement.

The Vision 357 is the highlight of a special exhibition celebrating Porsche’s 75th anniversary. The exhibition runs at the Volkswagen Group’s Drive Forum in Berlin and is open to the public from Jan. 27. Porsche’s concept will be on display there until mid-February.

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