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  • Nagin, A Victim of The Federal Police State

    I am going to shock most of you by saying that I believe Ray Nagin to be an innocent man, wrongfully accused and soon to be sentenced by an illegitimate authority. Now before you ready my suite at the Wacky Acres mental hospital hear me out. Nagin is a victim of the city of New Orleans’ perverse devolution into a federal city, call it Mordor on the Mississippi River. By begging the most corrupt institution on Earth, the national government, to commandeer her affairs […]

  • “Super” Disappointment

    One reporter called it a “kick in the gut”.  Another said “devastating”.  Yesterday the NFL awarded the 2018 Super Bowl to Minneapolis.  The cold weather city beat out New Orleans and Indianapolis to host the 52nd game.  Many thought New Orleans was the prohibitive favorite and when reporters and media types were saying as much, that’s when I started getting nervous.  The NFL ownership is made up of 32 billionaires.  32 of the richest men on the planet.  When pundits […]

  • Democracy Produces War, Dead Eagles & Imbeciles

    I don’t say this very often but Alexander Hamilton was right when he complained that Americans would someday suffer from “an excess of democracy.” Hamilton said that because he thought the newly created Confederation of the United States needed to become a monarchy. In the same speech Hamilton warned that this excess would lead to the rise of demagogues. If only he were around to read Twitter or the comment sections of online newspapers. On Twitter, the use of the symbol (#) that was normalized […]

  • The Complicated Case of Merritt Landry

    The reason the DA’s office dropped their case against Merritt Landry was simple: they didn’t have a case.  Marigny home owner Merritt Landry shot unarmed intruder Marshal Coulter in the head.  Coulter, according to his family, is a “career thief”, but that doesn’t necessarily make him guilty.  Because Coulter was found again in the same neighborhood attempting to rob again, doesn’t justify the shooting either.  Also, because Coulter was unarmed doesn’t make Landry guilty either. Landry’s character, as well as […]

  • Drink of the Day: Salty Chihuahua From Monkey Hill Bar

    NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Pick up the Salty Chihuahua at the Monkey Hill Bar. Ingredients: 1.5 oz Espolón Tequila .5 oz Triple Sec Grapefruit Juice Salted Rim Glass Garnish: Lime Wedge

  • Let’s Get It Right This Time Louisiana

    Lets get it right this time.  Prepare.  Plan.  Diversify.  Educate.  Invest.  When you compare how Texas handled the oils bust of the early 80’s to how Louisiana handled it, there is no comparison.  Texas was better prepared and had a better plan.  They diversified their economy and invested in education when times were good.  Long term goals not short sighted ones. We are just at the beginning in what is predicted to be some very good economic times for New […]

  • Drink of the Day: Caipirinha at Monkey Hill Bar

    NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – You can pick up a Caipirinha at the Monkey Hill Bar in Uptown. Ingredients: 3 Sugar Cubes 4 Lime Wedges 2 oz Cachaça Rum  

  • Who-Dat Tree Huggers Lose Their Fracking Minds

    Louisiana residents must have giant stickers on the backs of our shirts that say “kick me.” How else can you explain our obsession with urban legend and charlatans? Many of you will remember the sob story that was told on behalf of the murderer in the “Dead Man Walking” movie. The Bourque family that lived this nightmare with the loss of their daughter, Loretta. responded to Sister Helen Prejean’s heresy with the real account of the Sonnier brother’s heinous crime in the book “Dead Family […]

  • It’s Time for People to Get Over Michael Sam Kissing His Boyfriend

    The NFL has “The catch”.  Dwight Clark’s winning touchdown grab thrown by Joe Montana against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC championship game.  Now the NFL has “The kiss.” Michael Sam kissing his partner on the lips after he was selected by the Rams in last weekends NFL draft. The reaction to this has been nothing short of amazing.  From acceptance to disgust.  From welcome to the NFL to why did ESPN bring this into my home?  Obviously we are […]

  • Drink of the Day: Cucumber Basil Gimlet

    Pick up a Cucumber Basil Gimlet at the Monkey Hill Bar. Ingredients: Cucumber Slices Basil Leaves Basil Simple Syrup 1.5 oz. Plymouth Gin Lime Juice Garnish: Cucumber Slice & Basil Leaf

  • Drink of the Day: Cucumber Watermelon Martini

    1.5 oz Cucumber Vodka .5 oz Watermelon Liqueur Splash Cranberry Juice Splash Cucumber Simple Syrup Splash Lemon Juice 1 Scoop Powdered Sugar Garnish: Cucumber Slice

  • Drink of the Day: Peach Moon from Monkey Hill Bar

    NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – If you’re feeling peachy, check out the Peach Moon at the Monkey Hill Bar. Ingredients: 1 oz Peach Schnapps Vodka Splash Orange Juice Blue Moon Garnish: Orange Wedge