Jeff Robbins

From the time I was 2 years old, I have dreamt of nothing but becoming a vascular surgeon. Okay, that’s not exactly true, but I am a Weatherman. I tell lies on the air every day, except I call it weather reporting.

In Elementary School, shockingly enough, I was the Class Clown. I have always had the amazing ability to cause a ruckus. In fact, my 2nd grade teacher Rose Boyer told me that I would grow up to be a game show host. She wasn’t far off. I should have made her my agent back then!

I have forecasted hail stones the size of baby armadillos in the Great Plains. I have run away from tornadoes and tropical storms in Southwest Florida, and have made snowmen in Central Pennsylvania.

I love weather. It is fascinating, ever-changing, and challenging. I got hooked on weather when I was a little Jeff Robbins; watching thunderstorms with my brother from our garage. The flashes of lightning darting across the sky, combined with the rumbles of thunder, have made me quite uneasy. So I am here to face and conquer my fear.

I have come to Hurricane Alley for 3 reasons. First, I love forecasting tropical systems. Second, I love drinks in hurricane glasses. And third, I have always wanted Susan and LBJ’s autographs.

WGNO seems like the perfect home for a guy with a “Twisted” sense of humor like me. You can find me weeknights at 5 and 6pm on “News With A Twist” and alongside Curt Sprang weeknights at 10pm. I promise to give you the weather and a smile every single night as long as you promise not to throw tomatoes at the screen. Hit me up on my Facebook, Sweet Cheeks at and Twitter

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