Meteorologist Scot Pilie’ joined the WGNO Weather & News With
A Twist Team in May of 2019, and he is ecstatic to be back in his hometown of New Orleans! Scot is an alum of Jesuit High School New Orleans, and he received his Bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University in Professional Broadcast Meteorology. Scot
is also AMS Seal Certified in Meteorology and weather forecasting.

Scot knew he wanted to become an on-air meteorologist from a very
early age, as he distinctively remembers spending numerous childhood days on the New Orleans Lakefront holding a hand-held wind gauge during thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes.

When Scot isn’t forecasting the weather, you can often find him
enjoying local festivals, running outdoors, and playing on the tennis court! Scot is also a huge fan of the New Orleans Saints, the Mississippi State Bulldogs, and the LSU Tigers.

Recent Articles
  • Stormier weather pattern on the way…grab the umbrella!

    A typical run of the mill Friday across South Louisiana. Hot, humid, and a few hit/miss thunderstorms across the area! But, we have changes on the way as we head into the weekend into next week! Tomorrow, an upper-level disturbance will swing from east into south Mississippi and southeast Louisiana. This feature will enhance rainfall chances Saturday and Sunday, with scattered pop-up thunderstorms likely off and on throughout the days. Not expecting a washout…but you’ll want the umbrella for any […]

  • Our weather could turn stormy yet again late weekend into next week….

    Heads up! By late this weekend and into next week…our weather pattern could turn stormy yet again across South Louisiana & parts of the Gulf Coast! A weak upper-level disturbance will swing across the Gulf Coast by late Saturday into Sunday, meaning daily pop-up showers and thunderstorms are likely. As we head into next Monday-Wednesday, a rare “cool front” will head southward!! This front will help spark additional rain chances with its arrival. Fingers crossed the front clears out and leaves […]

  • Hurricane Barry didn’t wash the algae away from the Mississippi Coast

    ALGAE BLOOM UPDATE — While Hurricane Barry helped churn up the Gulf of Mexico waters & briefly increase salinity off the coast, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality collected water samples along parts of the Mississippi Gulf Coast yesterday. Unfortunately, based off of the samples collected thus far, coastal waters still contain contents of the Harmful Algae Bloom(HAB). Only a few beach locations near Biloxi have been tested so far, and additional testing will be done to determine if this […]

  • Tropical Storm Barry making a run at hurricane intensity

    12:30 P.M. FRIDAY UPDATE — Tropical Storm Barry making a run at hurricane intensity before landfall overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. Max sustained winds of 65mph. Hurricane Hunters & offshore buoys reporting winds gusting over 75mph. Looking at infrared satellite this afternoon, the system is developing intense thunderstorms on the southern half of the system. I placed a pink “X” to show you that the center is still north of all of the strong thunderstorms…which means it’s still fighting dry […]

  • Significant Flash Flooding event likely from Tropical Storm Barry

    Tropical Storm Barry is slowly intensifying about 90 miles off the coast of the Mississippi River. Max winds now at 50mph, with gusts up to 65mph. Forward motion has slowed to west at 3mph. You can walk quicker than the system is moving. The latest rainfall projections shows 18-20+” of rain possible just southwest of New Orleans over the Bayou and River Parishes. All of Southeast Louisiana & the Northshore with 8-15″ of rainfall possible. And Acadiana, still expecting 6-12+ […]

  • Rare High Risk issued for Flash Flooding Friday night-Saturday

    The Weather Prediction Center has placed a rare HIGH risk for Excessive Rainfall for a large chunk of south Louisiana Friday night through Saturday. Meteorologist Scot Pilié says regardless of whether Barry makes landfall as a Tropical Storm or Hurricane…THIS is the threat residents in south Louisiana and south Mississippi should be paying attention to. Some areas within the High Risk zone are likely to receive 8-12 inches of rainfall with localized 15-18″ amounts possible. High Risk days account for […]

  • Hurricane Watches Issued for almost the entire Louisiana coastline

    LATEST National Hurricane Center Track — Nudged slightly east with landfall over Acadiana & south-central Louisiana. Additional adjustments in track likely over the next 36-48 hours as system organizes. HURRICANE WATCH issued for nearly the entire Louisiana Coastline. This means hurricane force winds of 74+mph possible within 48 hours. Power outages will be possible. Stock up on supplies this evening. Tropical Storm Force wind gusts on the coast begin Thursday night into Friday. Expected landfall on Saturday as a strong […]

  • Tropical Storm Barry likely to form Thursday. Significant impacts likely to Louisiana.

    Batten Down The Hatches! Our area of disturbed weather in the Northern Gulf of Mexico has been classified as Potential Tropical Cyclone Two, which means the National Hurricane Center expected to this system to become Tropical Storm Barry with only a slight increase in organization. Regardless, significant impacts appear poised for Louisiana and South Mississippi, and potentially as far west as southeast Texas. However, the forecast continues to show increasing direct impacts for most of southeast Louisiana and South Mississippi. […]

  • Tropical Storm Barry likely to form in the Gulf of Mexico. Flash Flood threat growing for Louisiana.

    The National Hurricane Center is now giving  an area of disturbed weather in the Northeast Gulf of Mexico a high likelihood 90% chance of developing into Tropical Storm Barry by Thursday morning. Hurricane Hunters are scheduled to investigate the disturbance Wednesday at 1PM, if necessary. Very possible that we see Tropical Storm or Hurricane Watches issued for parts of the Gulf Coast by tomorrow, since Tropical Watches are issued 48 hours in advance of the onset of tropical storm force […]

  • Tropical Storm Barry Developing in the Gulf of Mexico?

    Growing potential for tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico. The National Hurricane Center is now giving Invest 92L a 30% chance of becoming Tropical Storm Barry within the next 48 hours, and an high 80% chance within 3-5 days. Hurricane Hunters are scheduled to investigate the disturbance on Wednesday, if necessary. The future path, intensity, and impacts remain unclear. However, growing consensus for some sort of impacts in Texas and Louisiana late week between Thursday-Sunday. According to the latest […]

  • ALL Mississippi Beaches now closed to swimming as Harmful Algae Bloom spreads east

    ALL Mississippi Gulf Coast beaches are now closed as Harmful Algae Bloom(HAB) continues to worsen and expand slowly east. All people and pets encouraged to STAY OUT of the water. Harmful, foaming, greenish-blue algae is filled with bacteria that can cause rashes, cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. The sand portions of the beach remain open. But if you swim in the water or eat fish caught from the near shore waters, it could make you sick. This toxic algae bloom began […]

  • Air Quality Alert Issued Friday!

    Heads up! An Air Quality Ozone Alert has been issued for a large section of south Louisiana Friday from 6AM until Midnight. An Air Quality Alert means high levels of ozone/dust/smoke will be in the air. Part of the smoke in the air will be a residual impact of 4th of July fireworks. Very hot temperatures combined with light winds will help trap higher concentrations of ozone closer to the surface. This may cause unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups […]

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