Hi! My name is Rachael O’Neil and I’m a Reporter at the best station around!

I’ll make this short and sweet. I love being a part of the New Orleans community—it truly is one of a kind. I’ve lived in about seven states and countless cities but I’ve never been to a place like NOLA and I’m loving every minute of it. You never know what you’re going to get in a city like this, and to me, that’s the best part. From the live bands to the soul food, New Orleans has a way of making me feel right at home.

I report on all things NOLA but I have a specific love for sports. You might catch me filming a charity event or riding the Mystic Krewe of the Seahorse in Bay St. Louis; I have a ball doing what I love. I get to capture real-life moments that last for years to come and I think that’s what I love most about my job.

I’m super active. I love to workout, go bowling, and indoor rock climbing. But you won’t catch me hiking or camping in the woods, I’m not much of an outdoors person.

I love to eat… well anything but beans and pickles (although I hear red beans and rice are one of NOLA’s signature dishes). Seafood and breakfast food are my favs!

Anyway, if you have a story idea, want to report something, or just want to chat, please email me @roneil@wgno.com!

Recent Articles
  • 2019 Fat Boy’s Pizza Eating Championship

      NEW ORLEANS – An eating competition that was rescheduled because of tropical storm Barry finally happened this past weekend. The Fat Boy’s Pizza Eating Championship featured seven brave souls devouring their way to first place. One soul was the number one competitive eater in the world, Joey Chestnut. The Metairie crowd came to witness one thing: The 2019 Fat Boy’s Pizza Eating Championship! The slices aren’t your average size! For this competition, each one was a whopping two feet! […]

  • Audubon Zoo keeps animals cool in summer heat

      NEW ORLEANS – It’s averaging around 90 degrees this week and our friends at Audubon Zoo are getting pretty hot! We’re not talking about humans, we mean animals! Assistant Curator, Lindsay Ezell, says the zoo is built for temperatures like this. “All of our exhibits actually have shade built into them in some way whether it’s natural vegetation. So, if you’re coming in the heat of the summer, be sure to look in the shady areas when you’re trying […]

  • Drug store supplying medical marijuana opens in New Orleans

    NEW ORLEANS – A local pharmacy had it’s grand opening on Monday. Patients are looking forward to using an available substance to ease physical pain. “Medical marijuana was approved by the legislative in Louisiana” The owner of H&W Drug Store, Ruston Henry, told WGNO. Henry’s store is a part of the nine drug stores across the state that supply marijuana for therapeutic use only. While the law allows patients to purchase the substance, it’s only been approved in certain forms. […]

  • John F. Kennedy High School welcomes students back after grade tampering scandal

      NEW ORLEANS – Earlier this year, John F. Kennedy High School ended the semester on a rough note. Months later, a new administration welcomed students back for their first day or school. The JFK students are walking into new beginnings– literally. After a devastating grade tampering scandal happened this spring, several admins were fired or resigned. The CEO of New Beginnings School Foundation says, the past should not define the future of charter schools. “This is one isolated incident […]

  • 11th annual Lagniappe Classic Dog Show came to town

    NEW ORLEANS – A prestigious dog show just showed off our area’s top-notch furry friends. The 11th annual classic displayed all-breeds from Black Labs to Mini Schnauzers. Dogs like Retta couldn’t stop wagging their tails at the Lagniappe Classic Dog Show. Some had long hair and others had short, scruffy fur. All of them came in their best possible form to compete for the AKC champion title. Handlers say it’s important for people looking to buy a dog. “To judge […]

  • New car seat law goes into effect today

    NEW ORLEANS – Starting today a new law is going into effect– one that could save a child’s life. “It’s crushing when you see a child life that’s taken or serious injury in a crash. State Trooper, Monroe Dillon III, told WGNO. Not just injury to where a person’s neck or back is hurt. We’re talking about lose and use of limb. Since 2018, 115 children have been seriously hurt or killed because they weren’t properly secured in the car. […]

  • No-call lawsuit moves forward

    NEW ORLEANS – The battle between saints season ticket holders and the NFL are still going on. On Monday morning, a meeting was held at Civil Courts to discuss the no-call lawsuit. “The three Los Angeles officials who are direct defendants. And I’m very hopeful that they’re going to also set some deadline” Tony LeMon, a Saints Season ticket holder and Plaintiff, told WGNO “I need help from the court. I’m gonna be asking the court to help me in this situation.” […]

  • Saints upgrade their outdoor facility for fans

    NEW ORLEANS – Our super Saints are showing off their best plays for their 2019 training camp and their plays aren’t the only thing they’re showing off! This year, the organization added some upgrades for the fans. “We’re out here representing five generations of saints fans” Sim Strain, told WGNO. There’s less than 40 days until the NFL season is here. Lucky for us, our thirst for the game is quenched– just a little bit– because we get to be […]

  • Green Light New Orleans meets with City Council to discuss rainwater barrels

      NEW ORLEANS – Green Light New Orleans is helping residents in our city with environmental friendliness. Today,  the non-profit organization is meeting with City Council in hopes of jump-starting their movement! “Rain barrels help a lot with all different kind of things” Green Light New Orleans founder, Andreas Hoffmann, told WGNO. Rain barrels might be a man’s best friend here in New Orleans. The over-sized container holds 50 gallons of water which is perfect for storms and flooding. Andreas […]

  • Bourbon construction causes business trouble

    NEW ORLEANS – One of our most famous streets is under construction for  much needed improvements. The Department of Public Works closed the intersection of Bourbon and Dumaine to add new utilities. Some find the construction good. Some find it bad. Some find it frustrating. “Construction was something that was desperately needed for years” business owner, Earl Bernhardt told WGNO. “Bourbon street got to where it really smelled bad because of the broken sewer pipes down underneath the ground.” Earl […]

  • Jurassic Park comes to New Orleans

      NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans welcomed some cool animals to the convention center this weekend but maybe not the animals you’re thinking of. WGNO took a trip down the road to see what all the roaring was about! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all about dinosaurs and families– kind of a strange mix, but it couldn’t have come together more perfectly. “Zori loves dinosaurs and we love to do family things together!” Parent, Lauren Golden, told us. “She loves […]

  • NOPD and OPSB unite to ensure better safety for students

    NEW ORLEANS – The Orleans Parish School Board is going the extra mile to ensure the safety for our students.  On Wednesday morning, the NOPD and OPSB held a press conference to discuss a very serious topic. The precautions the school board is taking, is pretty impressive. Safety leaders discussed special active shooter training to increase school security citywide. OPSB Superintendent, Henderson Lewis, believes this will benefit each student’s learning environment. “As a school district, our top priority will always […]

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