Hi! My name is Rachael O’Neil and I’m a Reporter at the best station around!

I’ll make this short and sweet. I love being a part of the New Orleans community—it truly is one of a kind. I’ve lived in about seven states and countless cities but I’ve never been to a place like NOLA and I’m loving every minute of it. You never know what you’re going to get in a city like this, and to me, that’s the best part. From the live bands to the soul food, New Orleans has a way of making me feel right at home.

I report on all things NOLA but I have a specific love for sports. You might catch me filming a charity event or riding the Mystic Krewe of the Seahorse in Bay St. Louis; I have a ball doing what I love. I get to capture real-life moments that last for years to come and I think that’s what I love most about my job.

I’m super active. I love to workout, go bowling, and indoor rock climbing. But you won’t catch me hiking or camping in the woods, I’m not much of an outdoors person.

I love to eat… well anything but beans and pickles (although I hear red beans and rice are one of NOLA’s signature dishes). Seafood and breakfast food are my favs!

Anyway, if you have a story idea, want to report something, or just want to chat, please email me @roneil@wgno.com!

Recent Articles
  • NASA Reveals Artemis Project

    NEW ORLEANS – History could be made out of this world and the Big Easy is much of the reason why! NASA has created a pretty impressive vehicle and we’re not talking about a truck! On Monday, it was on display, up close and personal for Artemis Day! A NASA project that’s expected to take another man and the first woman to the moon in 2024! NASA’s administrator, Jim Bridenstine says it’s important that this mission makes it’s deadline. “In […]

  • The New MSY introduces the “guest pass” program

    NEW ORLEANS – If you want to spend a little extra time with a friend or you just wanna hang at the new terminal, your wish is about to come true! Even if you aren’t planning to travel, you can benefit from the newest feature! You may have heard about the new restaurants, art work, and live music the MSY has to offer. Well you can finally experience it for free and that’s without having to fly! In just a […]

  • Tim Lentz speaks after losing in St. Tammany Parish Sheriff race

    NEW ORLEANS – The race for St. Tammany Parish Sheriff was underway tonight and WGNO attended candidate, Tim Lentz’s election watch party. Lentz began the night feeling “cautiously optimistic” according to collage, Rio Olend. However, as the night progressed, it was clear that his opponent, Randy Smith established a clear lead. Around 9:30 PM, it was announced that Tim Lentz lost to Randy Smith by a 14 point spread. Shortly after, Lentz gave an emotional concession speech. “The voters have […]

  • First Responders speak about Hard Rock

    NEW ORLEANS – It’s been a month since the Hard Rock Hotel’s collapse and our first responders were put to the ultimate test. They showed us what that day was like through their lens. “As we pulled up I remember seeing one guy waving his hands going crazy. It was obvious, he needed to be rescued immediately” first responder, Douglas Shanahan told WGNO. “I said to myself ‘let’s do this as quick as we can so me and the other […]

  • Surviving boating accidents – Coast Guard safety tips

    NEW ORLEANS –  Duck hunting season starts this weekend and the Coast Guard wants to reduce the number of boating accidents  by making folks aware of safety requirements and procedures. At least 3 people have died since 2016 because of boating accidents while hunting.  On Thursday (Nov. 7), the Coast Guard took reporters on a search and rescue demonstration to stress the importance of boater safety. In one scenario, the crew of an MH- 65 Dolphin Helicopter searched for a […]

  • How to get to the new MSY airport

    NEW ORLEANS – Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new! After almost four years, New Orleans is welcoming a new and improved terminal on Wednesday. The airport terminal opens November 6th! Many believe the old one was a lot easier to get to– this one, not so much. Have no fear! WGNO will show you exactly how to get there! Just like the old terminal, you’ll hop on 1-10 West but this time, pass up the old […]

  • Jefferson SPCA hosts annual Pet Fest

    NEW ORLEANS – If you were looking for a good time to spend with your pet and animal, an annual event held at Lafreniere Park would have been paw-fect! Dogs of all kinds were jumping for joy! Hairy dogs, blue dogs, some that looked like teddy bears, even one who was 210 pounds, his name was Goliath! All of the above and a few hundred more came to celebrate the 12th annual Pet Fest. “There are thousands of animals out […]

  • 7th District NOPD holds Halloween event

    NEW ORLEANS – Halloween was one for the books this year all over the city! Especially for the trick-or-treaters in the 7th District! WGNO took a visit to the 7th District police department where we found free food, smiling faces, and kids dressed up as their favorite super heroes! Elementary students, London, was one of those kids. She had on her Wonder Woman threads with the headband and lipstick to match! EMS and firefighters were also a part of the […]

  • New Orleans Airport job fair, Tuesday and Wednesday!

    New Orleans – If you’re looking for a new job in the New Orleans area, you’re in luck! The Louis Armstrong International Airport  hosted a job fair today and the event will continue tomorrow! The airport staff says they’re looking to fill 200 positions for the new terminal. Roles like line cooks, hosts and baristas are up for grabs. These jobs are open at locations such as Shake Shack, Emeril’s Kitchen and Starbucks–just to name a few. If you’re interested […]

  • Tulane Football player saves a life

      NEW ORLEANS – A Tulane football player showed us the definition of compassion with more than just his words. There’s over 75,000 college football players in America. They lace up everyday for practice, perfect their position drills and study the game religiously. But very few have donated bone marrow to save a strangers life. Tulane’s center, Christian Montano is one of them. “Three of my four grandparents passed away from cancer” Christian Montano told us. “So, I mean, it’s […]

  • Family of Hard Rock victim speaks out

    NEW ORLEANS – The Hard Rock Hotel collapse has claimed at least two lives and a person is still missing. One of the lives lost was Anthony Magrette. His family spoke with us today about their loss. “It’s not gonna to– to forget him but–” Anthony’s long-time partner, Nova Espinoza, could barley finish her sentence as she opened up about losing the love of her life. On Saturday, Anthony Magrette, also known as Bubba died after the Hard Rock Hotel […]

  • Loved ones mourn for man killed in Hard Rock collapse

    "It's not gonna to-- to forget him but--" Anthony's long-time partner, Nova Espinoza, could barley finish her sentence as she opened up about losing the love of her life. 

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