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  • What do kids really think about this year’s hottest toys?

    Every year about this time, parents are inundated with ads for toys and games for the kids.  The hope is that  you (or Santa) will put all these toys under your Christmas tree. There’s just one problem with that–what if you kids really don’t like the toys you picked? That’s why News With a Twist send out a team of inquisitive kids to put Walmart’s list of hot toys to the test. Their opinions varied but soft and fluffy, any thing activated by a remote and […]

  • Hometown Reporter signs off from National Scout Jamboree

    News with a Twist's Hometown Reporter Evan McCollum gives his final report via Skype from the National Scout Jamboree in Virginia.  See above video for details.

  • Local Eagle Scout preps for President Trump’s visit to National Scout Jamboree!

    NEW ORLEANS--Local Eagle Scout, Evan McCollum  talks to LBJ, via Skype about President Trump's visit to the Scout National Jamboree in Virginia.

  • Local Eagle Scout reports from National Scout Jamboree

    NEW ORLEANS-- Every four years, thousands of members of the Boy Scouts of America gather for a ten day adventure that is jam packed with activities, learning centers and camaraderie.

  • Peanut Butter Ramen: Would You Eat It?

    We all remember those lean years back in college when money was scarce and you lived for days on canned meat, saltine crackers  and noodles.  For some it was macaroni, but for others Ramen noodles were the essential ingredient during  those salad years.

  • Good Morning to America’s New Citizens: 49 candidates take Oath of Allegiance to U.S.

    Something that many of us are born with and may take for granted became a dream come true for more than 40 people today as they became U.S. citizens in a naturalization ceremony at the World War II Museum. A total of 49 citizen candidates from 25 different countries including France, India, Jordan, Libya and Ethiopia took an Oath of Allegiance to the United States --the last step in a long process to become a U.S. citizen.

  • MLK 50: How Dr. Martin Luther King’s words helped define the Civil Rights Movement

    Dr. Martin Luther King was a masterful speaker. His words had a profound impact not only on the audiences he was speaking to at the time, but for many generations to come.

  • National Praline Day:It’s praw-leen, not pray-leen

    NEW ORLEANS-Saturday is national praline day, but if you live in New Orleans, every day is praline day thanks to the French settlers who came here. But the origin of the praline goes back even further to the early 1700's. According to, the inventor of the praline was  Clement Lassange,  a French  chef employed by sugar industrialist,  Marechal du Plessis-Praslin.

  • Calm before the storm: Entergy gives tips on weathering severe weather

    If you live in Louisiana, thunderstorms, flash floods and hurricanes are nothing new.

  • Very meaty Bloody Mary: Would You Eat /Drink It?

    If you love Bloody Marys for Sunday brunch, or anytime, you may want to try this recipe from -- our featured "Would you Eat It" sponsored by Langenstein's.

  • Stawberry Lasagna–Would You Eat It?

    If you love the rich layers of lasagna and the sweet taste of fresh strawberries and cream, then chances are you'll love this recipe sent in by Kim Savoy of New Orleans. This Would You Eat It recipe is quick and easy, and the best part is that no baking is required.

  • Nursing Your Feet

    May 6-12 is National Nurses Week, which recognizes professional health care workers for their endearing spirit and heart of service.

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