John Bel Edwards Re-Elected Governor of Louisiana


BATON ROUGE, LA – Governor John Bel Edwards has officially been re-elected as Governor for the state of Louisiana.

“It is a great day in Louisiana. You didn’t just vote for me, you voted for 4 more years putting Louisiana first.” said Edwards.

Edwards ended the night with 51% of votes. His opponent, Republican candidate Eddie Rispone, coming in behind with 49%.

Over the last few weeks, both candidates had spent time campaigning across the state of Louisiana ahead of Saturday’s run-off election.

Despite multiple public appearances by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, in support of Rispone, it seems the people of Louisiana have made it clear who they want representing them. That person, is Democrat Governor, John Bel Edwards.

“I spoke with Eddie Rispone this evening. I thanked him for putting himself out there for public service. It’s a difficult thing for anyone to do. We both agreed that campaigning is over and that our love for Louisiana now comes first. As for the president, god bless his heart.” said Edwards.

Edwards now remains the only Democratic Governor in the Deep South. Before exited the stage, Edwards thanked his supporters for continuing to put Louisiana first.

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