Fighting for his job: Former St. Augustine head football coach says he ‘hasn’t used profanity since 1997’

NEW ORLEANS – In an effort to clear his name and get his job back, Former head football coach Nathaniel Jones has released a personal statement.

In his statement, he says that he is a Man of God, and that he would never have lead his team in a chant that used profanity.

In fact, Mr. Jones says that he remembers the last day he used profanity, and it was in 1997.

Mr. Jones’s attorney, Willie M. Zanders, JD, also sent a statement to the board of directors, in hopes that they would re-instate Jones as head football coach.

Zanders is adamant in saying that former head coach Nathaniel Jones did not lead the chant, and would never have been a part of a something that included profanity, or a racial slur.

He continues, “Coach Nathaniel Jones was not in the locker room during the chant. He does not use the “n-word” and has not used profanity since 1997.”

Read Former head football coach Nathaniel Jones personal statement.

Read an open letter to the Board of Directors of St. Augustine High School from Attorney Willie M. Zanders.

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