Artist Nora See’s costumes are turning heads

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NEW ORLEANS-- Artist Nora See's paintings are unique and ornate, but she's also gotten attention recently for working on the human canvas.

See says, "The first costume I made was in 2013 I don't do it as a professional endeavor, it's more just for fun because I enjoy it"

It seems every costume is more stunning that the last.

Artist Nora See as Madam Leota

(At first)"I decided to make Madam Leota which was a gravestone image and bring her to life. I turned the ballerina from a haunted mansion , also a Disney haunted mansion into a bronze statue, and then I did the wallpaper in the haunted mansion has these demons and I made a warrior creature," said See.

If you haven't picked up on it yet, See is a huge Disney fan and, in fact, her latest creation was in competition at Disneyland just a few weeks ago.

Artist Nora See's costume as bat stanchions at Disney's Haunted Mansion

According to See, "That is the haunted mansion bat stanchions, another Disney property, In the line of the haunted mansion rides before you get on the cars there are these chains that are held up by bats that have their wings up like this"

See and her husband Dan drove across country with her costume and made it to the top 14.  She says, "I didn't win but it was a blast."

You can visit Nora See's work here

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