Tropics Brewing? Watching the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.

Tropical wave moving into the Eastern Bahamas looking slightly more vigorous this afternoon. The National Hurricane Center(NHC) has now designated this as Invest 95-L and the development chances have been increased to 40% within next 3-5 days as system moves into the Gulf of Mexico by Friday-Saturday.

The good news? This tropical wave is still battling wind shear & land interaction with Hispaniola. This wind shear is expected to continue over the system, which means any development will be hindered altogether or slow to occur over the next few days.

European ensembles are slightly more aggressive with 40-50% chance of a tropical depression or weak/sloppy tropical storm by late weekend. Next name on the list would be Humberto.

Regardless, this system may impact beach plans to the Panhandle & Central Gulf Coast with added rain chances Saturday-Tuesday from south Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. Nothing to be overly concerned with by any means, just something to watch as we are within the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Stay tuned!

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