Saints break camp Thursday

Metairie, La. -- The Saints broke camp Thursday afternoon, after their 19th and final practice of their 2019 training camp. The work is far from over though. They'll still have practices and two more preseason games before the regular season, but they won't have to stay in the team hotel or have their meetings there at night.

While everyone is ready for the games that actually count, they know the value of the work they do in the preseason-- practices and the games.

"That's what we're in camp for-- to get ready for that-- these 16 games we've got coming-up," said Saints running back Alvin Kamara. "At a certain point you reach in camp where you're tired of hitting your teammates. You want to go against another team. That's what preseason is for but we want to go for when it really counts. Monday night-- that's the first game of our season and of course we're ready for that but we still have time. We've got things we need to correct. We've got things we need to get better at."

The Saints are now setting their sights on preseason game number three at the Jets Saturday night, where the starters are expected to see their most playing time of this preseason-- including the first appearance from Drew Brees. After Saturday's game, they return home for their 4th and final preseason game against the Dolphins Thursday, August 29 at 7:00 p.m.

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