NOLA Craft Beer Experience: Boarding & Beer at Gnarly Barley Brewing

HAMMOND, La.--The craft beer scene has really been brewing up over the last few years.  With that here at WGNO we are offering a cool "NOLA Craft Beer Experience" card for you all to try some great craft beers.

We sent News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez to Gnarly Barley Brewing in Hammond to get a taste of what they offer, and he also went skateboarding with their beer in the process, since skateboarding is a major theme of their brewery.  Its the "NOLA Craft Beer Experience."

If you'd like to buy the "NOLA Craft Beer Experience" card, click HERE.

Ryan Davis is the Tap Room Manager and Chief Fun Advisor at Gnarly Barley and said, "The people here are what makes Gnarly Barley the gnarliest thing.  It is incredible being with people that care so much about their craft.  We have fun here, and customers see us having fun, and they have fun with us.  I don't think you can ever have a bad time drinking pretty awesome beers."

Gnarly Barley just released the Melted Milkshake IPA which is an IPA with lactose and vanilla sugar.  The alcohol content is 8.2 %.  On August 16th, Gnarly Barley released their Galaxy Enigma Dry Hopped Jucifer and coming in September they will release a Kettle Sour.

For more information about Gnarly Barley, click HERE.



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