What is the favorite 1990’s sitcom in every state?

NEW ORLEANS– Do you love 1990’s sitcoms? Remember “Full House,” “Friends,” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?”   Do you wonder which is the most popular in every state? A new report by USDish.com has the answers?

The team over at USDish.com wanted to find out which 1990’s sitcom is the most popular in each state.

To take a look at the report, click HERE.  

According to the findings, “Friends” won as the favorite in 12 states, more than any other 1990’s sitcom.  In second place is a tie between “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “Saved By The Bell” with six states each.  Only one of the shows on the list is still in its original run and that’s “The Simpsons”  “The Simpsons” is a favorite in California, Virginia and Oregon.   “The Simpsons” is the longest-running primetime scripted series in TV history.

Here in Louisiana, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” is the top show according to TV viewers.




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