Airman drives elderly woman home after she struggles to carry groceries

OKLAHOMA CITY  — A Tinker Air Force Base airman’s act of kindness was caught on camera, and the video has since gone viral on social media.

Amber Roy shared the video on Wednesday taken near I-240 and Santa Fe in Oklahoma City. She said the airman pulled over to help an elderly woman who was walking with her groceries in the hot weather and took her to her destination.

KOCO 5’s Christine Stanwood spoke with Senior Airman Jibril Jennings, who said he was driving down Santa Fe near I-240 when he saw drivers swerving to avoid something.

When he realized it was a woman struggling to walk with her groceries, he stopped to help.

“When I got up to her, I asked her, ‘Would you like a ride?’ She said, ‘Thank you, I would love that,’” Jennings said.

So he started loading her groceries into his car and drove her home.

“She reminded me of my grandmother. She just wanted to start talking about something. She had been walking all day. She had plenty of stops. And she finally got picked up on her last,” Jennings said.

Jennings said he hopes to remind people to be kind to each other.

“It’s not about whether I’m an Airman. It should just be about us helping each other,” Jennings said.

The video has since been shared more than 30,000 times on Facebook.

We also spoke with the woman Jennings helped, 71-year-old Janice Hall. She said she had not idea the video existed.

“I really appreciated it and he was such a good man and you just don’t find people like that every day,” Hall said.

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