Saints punter investing in nutrition

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Metairie, La. -- Nutrition has always been important to Saints punter Thomas Morstead, but even more-so as he's progressed in his career.

"As you get older as a pro athlete," Morstead said, "you start focusing more on rest and recovery and being able to bounce back from the strain that you put on your body. Really the only ways to do that is with what you're ingesting and the rest that you're getting."

At 33 years old, Morstead is one of only 4 players on the Saints roster with more than 10 years of experience in the league. This off-season, ahead of his 11th training camp, the 2012 Pro Bowl selection decided to team-up with Main Squeeze-- a New Orleans-based juice and smoothie company-- as a minority owner.

"For me I started realizing that I was visiting the Main Squeeze off Metairie Road more and more and it became part of my lifestyle," Morstead said. "That also with Marques Colston being an investor, that kind of piqued my interest. So I just reached-out to the company and just was seeing if there was any way we could do something together. I ended-up investing in the corporate side and hopefully it's going to be an exciting learning experience for me."

For Morstead, investing in Main Squeeze was also a way for him to help inform the people of New Orleans about the benefits of good nutrition.

"Louisiana's kind of at the bottom of the barrel are far as a lot of the health metrics nationally," Morstead said. "Hopefully part of the stories we start putting out that are related to Main Squeeze will have good content and good education for people in just understanding that the decisions they make daily with their diets do have an impact-- good or bad. It doesn't mean you can't go out and have a drink and celebrate or have a piece of cake or do whatever. It's just understanding what those decisions mean for you."

And if you were wondering what you can find Morstead drinking there, his favorite cold press juices are the Immunity and Power and favorite smoothie is the Green Protein.

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