Could be a rocky road for rocky road. July in National Ice Cream Month

NEW ORLEANS - "Look out for that pothole in the middle of the interstate!" WGNO News with a Twist features reporter Wild Bill Wood screams from the back seat.

In the front seat are Brad & Misty Van Hoose. They're married. They've been married for 18 years.

They have two daughters.

Brad is in the Coast Guard.

Misty is a surgical tech.

Together, they are the parents of what they're pulling behind their Toyota Tundra.  It's an ice cream parlor on wheels.

Rocky Road is more than just a flavor for them.  Rocky Road is a way to work for the ice cream parlor they call Rolling Cones.

It's been on the road since this summer with a dozen flavors from Cookie Monster Crunch to Vanilla to Pecan Praline to yes, of course,  Rocky Road.

By the way, the number one most asked for of all time flavor?

Vanilla. Yes, vanilla.

They commute across the state with Rolling Cones.  They even set up on the set of a TV show shooting in Louisiana.

If the memory of getting a cone or dish of ice cream from an ice cream parlor on wheels is not enough to freeze this image in your brain, Rolling Cones also comes with its own photo booth.

It's a memory for yourself and Facebook.

Wild Bill says to one of the ice cream lovers, "this ice cream traveled a long way just to get to your mouth!"

She says, "yes and it really reminds me of the old-fashioned ice cream trucks."

It's an ice cream truck with a twist.

Rolling cones. It's coming soon to a double-scoop destination near you.

You can follow the cone on Facebook, just click right here.

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