Hurricane Watches Issued for almost the entire Louisiana coastline

LATEST National Hurricane Center Track — Nudged slightly east with landfall over Acadiana & south-central Louisiana. Additional adjustments in track likely over the next 36-48 hours as system organizes.

HURRICANE WATCH issued for nearly the entire Louisiana Coastline. This means hurricane force winds of 74+mph possible within 48 hours. Power outages will be possible. Stock up on supplies this evening. Tropical Storm Force wind gusts on the coast begin Thursday night into Friday.

Expected landfall on Saturday as a strong Category 1 Hurricane, but the system has the potential to be stronger. Remember, greatest rainfall, storm surge, severe threat, and winds will be along the storm’s path and EAST of where the center moves onshore.

This means significant impacts likely for a large chunk of southeastern Louisiana, as we would be on the stronger sideĀ  of the system.

Make your preparations this evening.

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