BBQ Parfait: like Fourth of July fireworks for your taste buds

NEW ORLEANS -  Just in time for the holiday.

From the people who celebrate every day like the Fourth of July

They're in the BBQ business.

And when you're in the BBQ business, like working in the kitchen at Walker's Southern Style BBQ in New Orleans, you're always hungry to eat high on the hog.

The problem is time. There's no time to do lunch. There's never time to do dinner.

You're always doing lunch and dinner for everybody else who comes in the front door smelling what's smoking.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says what the crew at Walker's winds up doing is getting a little scoop of this, maybe another scoop of that to snack on during the long day.

Then  day,  the customers see what's going on in the kitchen and they say they'd rather have what the kitchen crew is having than order off the menu like everybody else has to do.

And that's what inspired Walker's Southern Style BBQ owner Jonathan Walker to do something.

Jonathan Walker decided to re-write restaurant history.

Jonathan Walker had the courage.

Jonathan Walker had the idea.

Jonathan decided to take whatever was already in a parfait cup and replace it with something closer to home.

Well, closer to his home away from home, the restaurant.

Jonathan put BBQ into a parfait cup.

And just like that, he created, the BBQ Parfait.

It's a meal in a cup.

It's potato salad.

And then beans.

And then BBQ brisket or chicken or sausage or pork that's smoked in the way only Walker's could do it.

The price is $5.99.

All you need to add is your appetite.

And, of course, a fork.

To find Walker's Southern Style BBQ and the BBQ Parfait, just click right here.

The BBQ Parfait is still so new, it's not on the menu.  Just ask for it and tell them, Wild Bill Wood sent you.

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