New Orleans local competing in “Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest”

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New Orleans - Fourth of July, makes you want a hot dog real bad, doesn't it?

Some people take their time and dress them properly. Others shovel as many into their mouths for cash.

"We chew as minimally as we can, so the chunks can be bigger than what people are used to eating," says Adrian Morgan, a contestant competing in the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Competition on Coney Island.

The 36-year-old has participated in the contest for the past eight years.

His record he says is 38 hot dogs.

When it comes to the competition, Morgan says it's more mind over matter.

"Actually you're kind of watching people on the side of you to see how fast they are going. Most of it is breathing and rhythm. Very little of it is tasting the hot dog in the first few minutes," Morgan says. "Toward the end it's kind of a mental fight of if I can fit more in, I can swallow faster, and not worried about what these taste like just trying to block it all out, for the last couple minutes."

He does practice in the privacy of his own home in New Orleans.

"Usually I grab and break in half. Left hand on the dog. While I dunk the bun with the right. Just that over and over."

So what's it like after shoveling more than thirty hot dogs in the heat of the summer?

"You're very, very full so it's kind of like you ate a lot after Thanksgiving. But, also like you just ran three miles."

The grand prize to walk away with is $10,000, and with a five month old at home that money can come in good use.

"I'd probably put it in a college fund for George," Morgan says.

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