Items to soothe the traveler’s soul

Photo by Anthony Kwan/ Getty Images

Whether you prefer cruises to road-trips or cities to forests, you are a traveler at heart and you deserve these items.

Some items get packed naturally, while others need to be added to the list.

When it comes time for your next getaway, be sure to have these items handy.

Wanderchain by The Wander Club

I can’t wait till the end to tell you this, so I’m starting with it. These tokens make the BEST gifts ever. Taking the kids to Disney, give them a token. A cruise, a token. Graduation trip, a token! I can’t say it enough.

Now, the idea behind the Wanderchain is quite simple. Kenny Azama, founder of The Wander Club explained, “Part of the fun of traveling for me has always been to collect souvenirs from each place I visited. From handmade mugs, to beautiful paintings, to jars of preserved snakes, to African warrior masks – I collected them all. But as time went on and I traveled more and collected more, I began to realize that I was just accumulating things…” The Wander Club was created with one goal in mind… TO CREATE A SIMPLE WAY FOR YOU TO KEEP ALL OF YOUR TRAVELS IN ONE PLACE. The Wanderchain is essentially a keychain version of your passport. But instead of collecting stamps, you collect engraved tokens for every country, US state, or province that you’ve wandered through. But over time, it has developed into so much more. For every engraved token you purchase, The Wander Club will donate a meal to an orphan abroad through the help of their non-profit partner, Rice Bowls. By shopping at The Wander Club, you are directly helping to feed orphans around the world.

The products: The leather is stunning. The color is vibrant, the leather is sturdy, the smell is perfect, and it is 100% full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from the oldest and best tannery in the USA, Wickett & Craig. The Wanderchain has a swivel snap hook on one end, and a split key ring on the other. The tokens are easily threaded on the split key ring, And the hook allows the Wanderchain to easily attach to a backpack, keys, suitcase, clothing, etc. The tokens are made of high-quality stainless steel. Token options include countries, states, continents, custom tokens, dated tokens, and symbolic tokens, which come in a different color. I purchased 17 tokens for my Wanderchain, 12 were US states and 5 were countries. The are all the same size and color, and they threaded onto the key ring fairly easily.

I love the products. I love the idea behind the Wanderchain. I love what the company stands for, and who they donate to (I’ve done my research.) I got rid of my carabiner and have been using my Wanderchain as my main key ring. I cannot wait to fill this one up and start on a second. The Wander Club has certainly turned me into a lifetime customer.

Numa Milk Chews

“The name “Numa” comes from the Chinese characters from daughter, “nu,” and mother, “ma,” as our product and company was inspired by my mother’s handmade version of one of her favorite childhood treats, which I fell in love with.”

Milk chews are milk-based chewy snacks infused with nuts and dried fruit. Though these milk chews may remind you of other nougat treats, Numa foods are actually healthy. Numa milk chews are all-natural ( with no artificial ingredients), have much less sugar (40% less than the average candy bar), and actually contain healthy vitamins and protein.

I received the Neapolitan Variety Pack. This came with 24 individually wrapped milk chews. The flavors are original creme, chocolate milk, and strawberry. The suggested serving size is 2 pieces. Each serving has 110 calories and 8g of sugar. I decided to let my coworkers be the reviewers for this one. I laid the milk chews out in the break room and let the wolves have at it. Here’s what I heard:

  • “The chocolate one is good. It reminds me of a tootsie roll.”
  • “I like that theirs nuts in them. The crunch is nice.”
  • “I don’t like the original one, it’s kind of boring.”
  • “These would be really good for hiking. I could just throw them in my backpack.”
  • “I count carbs and these are a little too carby for me.’
  • “Where did you get these? I wonder if they are okay for kids? These would be good in my kids lunchboxes.”
  • The strawberry is really good.”

I don’t like nougat and I really don’t like milk. They are just not for me. But my coworkers really seemed to enjoy them. And I agree with one of my coworkers, that these would be great for hiking, or long trips. They don’t melt, are small and compact, and contain healthy vitamins and protein. I will probably buy a bag to keep on hand for road trips or camping trips.

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