String Theory Jewelry turns guitar strings into fashion

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HOUMA, La. -- If you play the guitar, then you probably know how many times you have to replace broken strings.

Mom of three, Amanda Wells, saw these broken strings as a creative business opportunity.

She decided to recycle them into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

"My husband's a guitar player. He's played in many bands through the years. He loves to play, and he's always done that in front of the kids. So, they picked up on that very early. They are all musical except for me," Amanda laughs.

"I started cleaning up one Saturday morning, came across a box of guitar strings and thought I could probably make something out of this."

The concept took off, and the "String Theory Jewelry" brand was born.

Amanda began producing popular products that consist of earrings, bracelets, and rings.

"We look for gem stones, and colors that are current. Also, the vintage ones do really well," says Amanda.

Although this has become her new favorite hobby, she says creating pieces this intricate isn't all that easy.

"It's labor intensive. It's a lot of soldering, grinding, and filing, before you can assemble just the band. That's because guitar strings always want to go back into their regular shape," says Amanda.

String Theory Jewelry is being sold in hundreds of stores,and several of those stores are located in and around New Orleans.

Those that travel here find this type of jewelry to be a special keepsake.

"They come here as tourists knowing they are going to be hearing the best music, so who wouldn't want to leave town with a memento that reminds them of New Orleans?"

String Theory Jewelry will be selling their jewelry at the Cajun-Zydeco Festival at Armstrong Park on Saturday, June 22nd.

For more information on this jewelry brand, click here.

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