No end in sight for the bugs swarming Causeway Bridge

Photo courtesy Rebecca Bagert Brenckle

METAIRIE, LA – Questions, complaints, and concerns are pouring in after huge swarms of bugs threaten drivers on the Causeway Bridge.

Drivers are calling it one of the worst, if not the worst swarm of bugs on the Causeway.

Hundreds of pictures are flooding social media, showing the insane number of squished bugs.

Photo courtesy Rebecca Bagert Brenckle

One driver said she used all of her windshield wiper fluid before she was even halfway across the bridge.

Another said at first, she thought it was raining, but the bugs just kept coming.

The bugs, called midges, are small flies that don’t bite.

Scientists say the swarms are connected to the water conditions from the spillway opening.

Signs on the bridge alerted drivers that police would offer them water to clear off the bugs if they were out of windshield wiper fluid.

And car washes on either side of the Causeway say right now, business is booming.

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