Local Park Hosts Annual Father’s Day Race

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NEW ORLEANS - Father's Day breezed by last weekend at the Richard Newcomb Memorial Father's Day Race! All families were invited to the annual event!

What would the world be without father's? They protect us, they bond with us, and they guide us through life-- step by step. Every dad is special in their own way but one thing they have in common: they're our heroes.

"He always brings me to the fun stuff and always brings me to, like, practice!" Preteen, Kaleb Farrae told WGNO.

Kaleb was apart of the many families who joined the annual Father's Day race in honor of our noble dads. We spent the morning asking runners why their pops were picture perfect.

"His love and kindness. He's taught us to like, be ourselves, and to enjoy life!" One daughter told us. "His big thing is just, enjoy every aspect of life all the time."

"Showing me how to live this life-- how to be a leader. how to take my family to the next level and build a foundation for the future." Said local resident,  David MaGee Jr.

Later, WGNO asked a couple dad's what the best part of being a father was!

"Getting to spend time with my daughter and doing some fun things and teaching her about sports."

"Best part about being a dad for sure is having great, wonderful kids, getting a hug everyday when you come home, and big smile!"

Between the smiles, wisdom, and even, rough times, dad's always seem to have our backs.

After the race, awards were given to the winners! Next years Father's Day Race is scheduled for June 2020!


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