New Orleans Coast Guard rescues 17 people & 3 dogs from Illinois flood waters

NEW ORLEANS – On Tuesday, the Coast Guard rescued 17 people and three dogs from floodwaters in Alexander County, Illinois.

Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River deployed a Western Rivers Flood Punt Team, around 5:30 A.M. on Tuesday, to support high water operations in Alexander County.

Western River Flood Punt teams use small, lightweight, flat bottom boats that are suitable for navigating floodwaters in urban areas.

The team spent over seven hours conducting operations, which included evacuating people from a flooded trailer park.

The Coast Guard is standing by to assist Alexander County if future assistance is requested.

“The Coast Guard continues to collaborate with federal, state and local agencies to ensure safety throughout the waterways and flooded areas during this historic high water season,” said Captain Scott Stoermer, commander of Sector Upper Mississippi River, “Inundated areas remain dangerous. Please heed all warnings from federal, state and local officials.”

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