Arnold Fielkow’s new mission gets thousands of dollars to students

NEW ORLEANS — He went from an executive job with the New Orleans Saints to a seat on the city council.  Now, Arnold Fielkow has another mission, helping students get through college.  And just like he did with the Saints and the city council, it’s part of a team effort for Fielkow.

After his  father died, Fielkow established a foundation in his father’s name.  He recruited help from area banks to contribute as well.  The foundation donates a pair of $2,000 college scholarships every year.

Fielkow’s foundation teams up with two other groups, the mentoring group Each One Save One and the New Orleans MLB Urban Youth Academy which each select a recipient for one of the two scholarships.

“We select them based on need, based on their achievements,” Each One Save One cofounder Kathy Harris told WGNO News.  “We know that these kids are going places.”

Harris was referring to this year’s winners, Angel Bernard and Jordan Vidato.  Angel will go from Abramson Sci Academy to either Southern University in Baton Rouge or Grambling.  Vidato is also an accomplished baseball player at St. Augustine High School.  He plans to attend Panola college in Carthage, Texas.

“These are two students that symbolize really greatness both currently and into the future. And they were selected for what they can do in terms of their leadership going forward,” Fielkow told WGNO.

As for his future, Fielkow says he’s happy with his current endeavors.  But he isn’t ruling out another run for public office.

“I will say this, once you kind of get it (public office) in your system, you enjoy it because it’s an important area for good people to go into,” Fielkow said.  “Having the opportunity to govern after Hurricane Katrina when so many important decisions were being made was an honor of my life.”

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