Pet Adoption Monday: Meet Mr. B

Mr. B is an 8-year-old Corgi/Spaniel mix.  He is named after ARNO's beloved volunteer Mr. Bernard and it's an honor, because he is the nicest guy.  Mr. B has a "roll with it" attitude; he likes to go for walks, get belly scratches and eat treats!  Humans are his favorite species (did we mention that he loves getting belly scratches?), but he gets along with other dogs too, as long as they don't try to get too rambunctious with him.  Mr. B is housebroken and he is a great guest wherever he visits - no messes from him.  Even though he'll miss you when you leave the house, he won't bark about it.  And when you come home, he just wants to be with you!  He is always down for adventure - to a coffee shop, a park, wherever!  Mr. B is happy on the move, or just chilling at home.  He would love to go home with you and pick out a comfy spot on the sofa so you can watch TV together.

For more information email:  To complete an application, please visit:

Dogs: The adoption fee is $200 and includes spay/neuter, up-to-date vaccines, deworming, a microchip, heartworm test, and heartworm treatment if required.

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