Unique gifts for dad this Father’s Day

Looking for something new and interesting to get Dad for Father’s Day?

With the holiday fast approaching (June 16) we have rounded up a few unique gifts to help you out.

Sun Reflective Hats by Alchemi Labs

Alchemi Labs says their hats provide “the ultimate sun protection.” Born from the space industry, the Radiant Barrier Technology reflects heat waves UPF tested 800+. The hats are also designed to reflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat waves, while blocking 99.8% of UV Rays. There are five hat styles: ($33) Bucket Hat, ($35) River Hat, ($39) Desert Hat, ($39) Expedition Hat, and ($32) Sun Cap. Each hat has different features, depending on its purpose.

I tried out the River Hat on a canoe trip, and the expedition hat on a hike. The hats are available in a variety of colors, but I went with Dark Olive Green for both. Initial thoughts when I opened the package… the hats weren’t very pretty. The “radiant barrier technology” looks like aluminum foil woven into the hat. I mean, bright silver on top. But, I had to get past the look at give them a try.

River Hat: I first offered the river hat to my husband, but it was too small for him. He said it was tight and just wouldn’t be comfortable. I took the hat on a canoe trip and it did exactly as it was supposed to. The hat brim reached out far enough to really protect my face, ears, neck, and the very top of my shoulders from direct sunlight. I dunked the hat in the water to cool myself down, and that did not effect the the usage at all. The hat had enough room near my ears and under the brim to still wear sunglasses. Though I was told the hat looked a little large for my head, brim wise, I knew that it was over-sized to protect me from the sun. If you are okay spending $35 on a hat that you know works, I suggest the Alchemi Labs River Hat. It is designed for the ultimate protection against the sun.

Expedition Hat: The expedition hat is described on the Alchemi website as modern and sophisticated, and I would have to agree. Of the five styles, I find this one the most appealing to the eye. Knowing this was going to be a Father’s Day gift guide, I once again, offered the hat to my husband. This one fit him well. He agreed the silver stood out out a lot, and he said maybe it wouldn’t look so out of place if the hat were a lighter color (there are other color options!) We went on a wooded hike while camping and he chose to wear the hat. We didn’t encounter too much direct sunlight on this hike, but when there was sun, he wasn’t phased. He says i was a little uncomfortable trying to squeeze his sunglasses on under the hat, but he made it work. Again, we agreed that at $39 the rice may be a little steep for our friends/family circle. That aside, the Alchemi Labs Expedition Hat lived up the the expectation and would make a great Father’d Day gift for the outdoors-man dad!

Society Socks monthly subscription box

Short and sweet, Society Socks call themselves a sock subscription with a social cause. For each monthly subscription purchased, the company promises to donate two pairs of socks to charity. Why socks? Research shows socks are the least donated, but most needed clothing item. Since homeless shelters only accept new socks, it’s much more difficult to donate them compared to other used clothing items. Society Socks is aiming to change this.

I received the sample pack, with eight gorgeous designs. I gave the box to my husband and he was super excited when he saw what was inside. A few of the designs he loved included puppy dogs, astronauts, and Tetris blocks. He wore the first pair before I was able to wash them. He wore the socks with tennis shoes and jeans. He did not complain about spreading dye or being uncomfortable. I washed the other 7 pairs and he continued to wear them over the next week. Overall, my husband really likes these socks. He says they breathe well, are stylish, very comfortable, and, support a good cause.

Men’s and women’s socks are available for individual purchase at $11 a pair, or in the form of a $19 subscription. The subscription box is delivered monthly and contains two pairs of socks. The socks are made of 80% Combed Cotton, 15% Spandex, 5% Elastane. Men’s socks are available in size 7-13 and women’s in sizes 5-10. We agree these socks would make an awesome gift for any occasion, including Father’s Day.

Porto Vino Concealment Bags

A purse with a purpose. At first thought, what’s not to love about a bag that can conceal wine? Porto Vino really has though of everything with their wine bags. The company is trying to cater to their male shoppers by now offering a messenger bag and a day pack. The messenger bag is described as a “professional crossbody,” perfect for the party after your business meeting. The day pack is a little more casual. Described as “rugged and sporty,” the day pack is multi-functional, and can be used while hiking or attending outdoor events. And why are they fabulous? Because each bag can conceal up to 1.5 liters of your favorite beverage.

I received the backpack. Good packaging, nice colors, plenty of pockets. The day pack has a front zipper pocket, top zipper, and main zipper compartment. There are mesh bottle holders on either side of the bag, and several loops to attach whatever you want. The  bladder for the bag seems like a strong material, that can definitely handle the intended amount. Two bottles of wine is a lot of fluid, so upon inserting the bladder, the bag was a lot heavier. The straps are however, incredibly comfortable. They are wide enough that they don’t dig into your shoulders. The cushions are soft and really help with the weight. As you can imagine, we want to put other things in the bag, so it keeps getting heavier. The placement of the spout behind the cushioned strap is wonderful. I don’t feel it at all. The Velcro is strong and seems like it will last. And the spout has been leak-proof so far (fingers crossed.)

Attractive, comfortable, and useful. The Porto Vino day pack is a treat. Whether it’s wine or water, fill the bag to your content, and head out. The day pack would make an awesome Father’s Day gift for the dad on the go. And be sure to check out their entire lineup of purses, backpacks, and totes.

Rok-it Chair by Kijaro

From their website, “Your new favorite way to unwind, this portable rocking chair can be carried without the bag using the attached carry strap, but can also fold down and can conveniently fit into the carry bag making it easy to store with your other gear!”

The Rok-it, by Kijaro is a convenient way to bring a rocking chair wherever you go. The chair comes in a nice carry bag with a shoulder strap, or ditch the bag, and use the strap attached to the chair. It is currently only available in a color they call “Hallett Peak Gray, and the color is fabulous. It is just dark enough that stains won’t show, but light enough that the sun won’t be drawn to it.

The chair is very sturdy, making it a little heavy. Bring it camping, to a concert, or sporting event, place it, and enjoy. With or without the bag, it may be uncomfortable to carry around for long periods of time. The chair is heavy duty, but the weight limit is 250lbs.  The portable rocking chair is incredibly comfortable, featuring custom designed rear feet for smooth rocking motion, padded armrests, and a mesh back to keep you cool. For convenience, a flip out cup holder, built in carry strap on the chair, and carry bag.

The Rok-it by Kijaro would be an aweomse Father’s Day gift for the outdoors dad.

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