Serta mattress sale and ‘your baby is your coupon’

In honor of Mother’s Day, Serta mattresses is welcoming its cutest coupon to date: The ‘Your Baby is Your Coupon’ sale.

Serta says It’s well known that parents of a newborn don’t get much sleep.

In fact, they lose about 350 hours in the first year – making comfort essential for whatever sleep they do get.

So, Serta decided to offer a 'first' for new parents, giving them a fun, easy, and more affordable way to get a comfortable night's sleep.

This deal works just how it sounds, bring your baby to a participating retailer and receive a free gift with purchase, or a discount on a new Serta Matress!

Serta has also added another wrinkle to the promotion, giving any parents who name their newborn Archie (in honor of the royal baby!) the chance to win a free mattress!

And one lucky expecting mother is going to win a special prize!

Serta will surprise the first mom to post about her Mother's Day delivery with instant coupons with a Serta mattress and crib mattress.

That's comfort for mom and baby!

As well as a $3,000 babysitting fund to catch up on comfortable Zzzz’s.

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