Watch as suspected drunk driver plows through yard and into house

NEW ORLEANS - The video is shocking. A speeding car erupts through a wooden fence and slams into the back steps of a house, sending splinters and children’s toys flying.

Just minutes before, homeowner Lizzy Chock said her friend, who was housesitting, had walked one of Chock’s dogs across the yard.

On any other day, Chock said she or her husband could have been playing in the yard with their one and a half year old son, but, luckily, the family was out of town.

On a surveillance video of the scary scene, the driver appears to be shaken up as he exits the crashed vehicle.

“This guy was driving drunk and could have seriously injured someone or worse,” Chock said of the driver. “Thinking of all that could have happened has made me go from crying to anger. I have every intention of writing the city to have a guard rail put up so that if someone else decides to drive drunk and miss the bridge they don’t plow through our yard.”

NOPD officers responded to the scene, handcuffed the driver, and took him from the scene in a marked police vehicle, Chock said.

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