Spring Football at Destrehan High has support from its Two Star Managers

Spring practice at Destrehan High School is getting underway.

On the field is two familiar faces.

Matthew and Joseph are identical twins, that live with a mild form of down syndrome.

That doesn't slow them down, as they take care of their mighty "wildcats."

"They've won the hearts of not only myself and my family, but the student body here, and the coaches. The teams they work with. And it's one of those things that people expect to see them everywhere," says head coach, George McGovern.

The twins are apart of the special needs program at the school, where they can stay until their 21st birthday.

Next year will be their last.

In the program they learn skills that will help them later in life.

For Joseph that's cooking.

"I like to cook food," he says, and his favorite dish to make is fried chicken.

Matthew's passion is sports medicine.

That's something his mom, Laurie Guichard, knew but Matthew wanted to be sure to tell head coach George McGovern.

"We met him at a Walmart, and he had on a sports medicine t-shirt. Matthew said, 'I'm going to work for you one day. I'm gonna be in your class. He was just like, 'mmm k.'  Then Matthew kept aggravating and aggravating about being in the class. Now he's the star student. He's the example," Laurie says.

"As long as I'm here at Destrehan, they have a spot with me where they can work on Friday nights," said McGovern.

"I'm so proud of them, not only on the field but everything that they do. They work very hard to do their best at everthing that they do," their mom finished.

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