’50 Shades of Rose’ special at Loa bar

NEW ORLEANS – Looking for something unique to do with mom on Mother’s Day? Well look no further.

“Loa” bar is proud to present their “50 Shades of Rose” wine tasting special.

“Spirit Handler” Alan Walter has found a way to turn summer’s favorite wine into a beautiful, eye-catching event.

The Rose wine menu will be displayed in the form of a color swatch.

Guests will choose from two dozen shades of pink Pantone squares.

Each color square corresponds to a different bottle of Rosé, spanning from Sonoma to SpainPortugal to Provence.

Three Rosé selections are offered daily at loa, and highlighted with a lipstick kiss to mark that day’s featured stems.

Visitors can purchase one glass of wine for $9 or try all three for $14.

The bar is tucked-away inside of the International House hotel in New Orleans, but it is worth the search.

Busy this weekend? No Worries! The special rose menu will be available through Labor Day.

And don’t forget to document your visit on social media! Use the hashtag #LongDaysOfRose !


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