Volunteering on Vacation is now a Thing

The days of lying on the beach and soaking in the rays are over.

Not really, but some people take a different approach to vacations, by doing good in the communities they visit.

"Being part of where you go when you travel you kinda want to be apart of the culture, and what we do here is culturally connected as well," says Andrea Hoffmann, founder of Green Light New Orleans.

According to Travelocity 1 in 4 travelers will volunteer wherever they go, and New Orleans ranks on the top 10 list of places to volunteer while visiting.

Second Harvest food bank benefits from vacationers and has advice for us when we go on vacation.

"Many thousands of people helped us out after our disasters, after numerous hurricanes and storms, going back to Hurricane Katrina. When you go on vacation, you can spend a few hours helping somebody out return the favor. It'll really pay it forward," says Jay Vice with Second Harvest Food Bank.

“I think when you travel somewhere, it's really important dive into that culture wherever you go. It's important that you dive into the culture, you soak up that culture and volunteering is really the best way to get connected to the actual city and the people who live there," says Hoffmann.

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