The Budget Committee Chair requests meeting with Mayor’s Office in regards to ticketing policy

NEW ORLEANS - The Budget Committee Chair, Jared Brossett asks the Mayor's office about the recent changes to the traffic camera ticketing policy.

According to the committee, the administration decided to lower the threshold for triggering traffic cameras. They say the administration failed to tell the public about the recent change.

At 2 PM today, the meeting will take place at City Hall.

This is not the only reason for today's conference, "I am also seeking an update on the implementation of Resolution R-19-94, which was authorized by Councilmember Williams and passed by the Council on March 14th, encouraging a single Ticket Amnesty Day in New Orleans." Jared Brossett also noted that the sudden policy changes create "mistrust with the residents of New Orleans."

According to citizens in New Orleans, residents have been ticketed for going as low as two miles over the speed limit. "Recently, I went 24 (MPH) and the speed limit was 20 (MPH) and I got a 40 dollar ticket" Charlotte, a local teacher tells WGNO.

A school guard says she stands outside between 7 AM and 8 AM every morning and within that one hour, "I see those traffic lights flash as many as twelve to thirteen, to fifteen times every morning."

Previously, residents say they could drive up to eight miles per hour over the speed limit in school zones without being ticketed. Now, they say the camera is triggered slight speeding.

As of now, no statements have been released from the administration.

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