Putting the Crescent City Classic on Wheels

New Orleans -  The Crescent City Classic is a must for many locals.

However for some, they will won't get the thrill of being part of it.

These people may be in wheel chairs, or hospital beds, or may not have the strength to keep up.

Now, with a new chapter, brand new to New Orleans, Ainsley's Angels is bringing people to the race. All with the help of Chase Miller.

Miller, 26, is the ambassador for the organization in New Orleans. The Slidell native lives with muscular dystrophy.

When his muscles break down, they don't grow back.

"It's been a little scary dealing with this disease and how it's taken away certain parts of my life.Like I haven't been able to work like I used to, haven't been able to drive like I used to. It's been hard to see yourself losing things," Miller says.

Chase and his running partner, firefighter Ryan Mast are running in this year's Classic.

They want others to join in on the fun.

"As soon I got in and they started pushing me, a big old smile got on my face and I was like 'oh, I get it this is awesome,'" Miller said.

Ainsley's Angels brings endurance events to people who wouldn't get the chance to be part of it normally.

"I really want people like myself that are in a wheelchair, in a hospital bed, or somewhere where they thought they could never complete a 5k or 10k, I would love for them to have the same experience. Realize they can do things too. Disability doesn't equal disabled."

Ryan Mast summed it up for people who may want to join in and help.

"When you can put a smile on somebody's face that normally doesn't have one, that's what really drives myself personally and a lot of other people too."

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