‘In the Dark’ shines light on Thursdays at 9 pm on NOLA 38 – The CW

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HOLLYWOOD - In the Dark is a new show on NOLA 38 - The CW.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild BIll Wood travels to Hollywood to interview the star of the show  Perry Mattfeld.

She stars as Murphy.

Murphy is blind.

Not just blind.

Described as flawed, irreverent and blind.  And she's the only witness to the murder of her drug dealing friend.

The cops arrive on the murder scene.

And they dismiss Murphy and the story she tells them about what she "sees".

So Murphy decides to do something about it by taking the case into her own hands.

And into the four paws of her dog.

Her do is also her best friend.

That's Pretzel.

They set out to find the killer.

And while Murphy and Pretzel are out and about, Murphy manages to start a pretty crazy life of dating for a single girl.

And she's got a job, too

She works at Breaking Blind which is the guide dog school her parents run.  Her parents are a bit on the overprotective side.

Wild Bill has a question for Perry Mattfeld, "how did you audition to play a blind woman?"

Perry Mattfeld says, "without using eye contact, I had to learn to act with other things, breathe, physicality, especially what you see so much on camera from people's eyes."

As for Murphy, "she is not limited by the blindness, so many other things that make her who she is."

Wild Bill has another question, "how did you prepare for this role?"

Perry Mattfeld says, "I spent about three weeks shadowing different blind people before we started the pilot, watching their everyday stuff, watching cooking, watching them get ready for bed and that kind of stuff."

And of course, there's Pretzel, Murphy's dog of a best friend.

Wild Bill wonders, "does Murphy get jealous when Pretzel upstages you?"

Perry says, "how do you not look at her and love her when she's just standing there ready to perform, she's just the best."

Wild Bill still wonders, "is Pretzel, Pretzel's name in real life?"

Perry says, "no, Pretzel's name is actually Levi."

As for her character, Murphy, Perry says, "you'll start to understand why she is who she is and you'll be able to laugh with her as she begins to navigate her own mess and you'll start to see glimmers of her opening up a little bit."

Wild Bill says, "this show is about seeing people for what they are even if they don't see you back,"

In the Dark on NOLA 38 - The CW, Thursdays at 9 pm.

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