‘Aporkalypse Now’ crowned Grand Champion at 2019 Hogs for the Cause

NEW ORLEANS – It was a wild two days that all came down to one winner, as Aporkalypse Now was crowned 2019 High on the Hog Grand Champion.

Hogs for the Cause closed out it’s 11th annual event with records numbers.

This years event is said to have been the most successful yet, with a record-breaking crowd of both fans and competitors.

The second annual Bacon Night was a sold out event, where teams served nearly two tons of Nueske’s bacon.

“Closing out our 11th year I am once again humbled by our fans, participants, supporters and sponsors, and the dedication they have for our cause,” states Becker Hall, Hogs for the Cause Co-Founder. “This year we had stiff competition, but the camaraderie among teams and attendees is amazing.”

This year’s “Hog of Fame” inductees were Bart Bacigalupi, Mike Ruoss, Bryan Fitzpatrick, Megan Medo, Brad Gottsegen, Craig Brewer and Dustin Alonzo.

Bart Bacigalupi is the Captain of Captain Porkenheimer (a 10-year team), an Advisory Board member and has helped bring new sponsors into Hogs.

Mike Ruoss, Captain of Mazant National, has provided continuous support and feedback to help Hogs improve each year. He has made Hogs a tradition unlike any other team.

Bryan Fitzpatrick, with The Boar’s Nest, is the single largest individual fundraiser in Hogs history. His fundraising prowess helped move the Hogs House from a dream to a reality on the Children’s Hospital campus.

Megan Medo is a trusted and loyal Hogs volunteer who has manned the front gates of Hogs through it all.

Brad Gottsegen and Craig Brewer of team Fleur de Que have spearheaded HogsResque which provides relief to hurricane and flood victims around the Gulf Coast.

Dustin Alonzo is a longtime Hogs intern “who has admirably handled everything thrown at him and yet hasn’t fled,” continues  Louapre.

And the winning teams were as follows:

High on the Hog Grand Champion:
Aporkalypse Now

The Top Fundraising Team:
Fleur De Que raised $442,442

Whole Hog
Mr. Pigglesworth

Friday Night Party
The Boars Nest

Fan Favorite
Mr. Pigglesworth

The Porkyard

Blue Plate Mayonaisse “Best Side”
Sweet Swine O Mine

Neuske’s Bacon

Tabasco “Best Sandwich”
Notorious PIG

Pork Butt
Mr. Pigglesworth

Aporkalypse Now

Swine Krewe

House of Hogs

Team Stabbin

Piglet Fundraising
Pig Star ($4000)

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